About Shannon Robnett


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Shannon has been in the real estate industry for over 40 years. He has been involved from start to finish on over $200,000,000 in construction projects covering the gamut from multi family,professional office buildings to City hall's, fire and police stations, schools, industrial and mini storage. Shannon says that there is phenomenal growth in just building, filling, and selling a product. Shannon further explains that his operation is different than most because he is looking for syndication partners that are seeking tax-advantaged situations and his main clients are using IRAs to invest; not clients looking for small monthly cash flow investments. Another reason Shannon is different is that the majority of the projects are ground up developments. Shannon and his team have streamlined the ground up process making it a much more lucrative product to invest in. His team also completely rehabs a building,from pipes, roof, window, paint,everything that will keep these rehab investments profitable for 10+ years.

About Chris Barnwell
Owner Representative & Operations


Chris opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. With over 30 years in both public and private sectors, Chirs has proven experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Outside of work, Chris is happiest spending time and creating memories with his wife Amanda, 5 kids and 7 grandkids.

About Jeff Allen
VP of Operations - EMS


Jeff allen
Jeff has worked in the property management industry since 2002 where he started his career as an onsite leasing consultant and worked his way up to a VP of Operations in Multi-Family. He has managed over 6000 doors total in his career, which varies from, small to large size apartments and townhomes. Jeff has worked with major management companies such as The Irvine Company, Legacy Partners, Sequoia Equities, Avenue5, Riverstone, Greystar, and Home River Group. He loves managing and training on the operations of a property, as well as, coaching and mentoring in the Industry. He has 7 years experience in the Idaho market and attributes his success in the area to the experience he’s acquired in Southern California markets. Jeff has also done a lot of networking which has given him great opportunities, in the past, to work with The Idaho Apartment Association and be a member on the board.
Roy moore

About Roy Moore
Sr Project Manager - PCC


Roy has an outstanding and energetic personality and a good mind for business. He has over two decades of experience in the commercial construction industry from ground up to extreme remodels.  He’s also owned his own construction company and is able to manage people well. His vast experience in the industry allows him to be very versatile and timely with his projects.  He is able to work efficiently while maintaining the costs and timeliness of his projects. He shows his years of experience and continues to be of great value to the team. Facing various challenges throughout many projects of his construction career, he has shown the ability to prioritize tasks and delegate for successful outcomes.  Projects require a high level of organization and commitment which Roy consistently exhibits. He has the ability to create schedules that flow and deliver realistic timeline and end results. Roy’s knowledge of building codes and the ability to build a good working relationship with code inspectors aids him to be able to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule

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