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Why Invest in Syndicates for Passive Income with Shannon Robnett? 

The typical approach for individuals investing in real estate requires them to buy, maintain, and ultimately sell a property using entirely their own resources, time and knowledge. This approach often results in lower returns on the investment with little or no compensation for the investors personal time and involves a lot of active attention from the individual investor. It also often does not provide the best tax plans and shelters for high income wage earners.

What if you could invest in real estate with the focused expertise of a dozen seasoned real estate professionals to build the future of your investment with minimal time and research required on your part? What if you could generate passive growth in brand new buildings in a fast growing market  with small amounts of cash with an army of professionals?  With real estate syndication, you can. Passive real estate investing doesn’t come easier than with Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI).

Syndications are groups of individual investors brought together by developers like Shannon Robnett who pool investors’ funds to complete projects that are normally out of reach of the individual and exclusive to large capital investment groups. Think of it as crowdsourcing for Real Estate.  Real estate syndication tend to bring high rates of returns in investment opportunities that are normally closed to individual investors.

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How Vertical Integration Strategies Work in Real Estate Syndication

Other commercial real estate development companies may tout their ability to buy, develop, and sell land, but few have the strategic advantage that Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) gains by also wholly owning and operating three key subsidiaries. Owning companies along a supply chain from beginning to end is the key to success with vertical integration.  It leads to efficiency, speed and control that adds to the bottom line for everyone.

Because we own the firms that complete each of the steps from purchase to development to management to resale, we have consistent participation in our investments. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel of partnership agreements, levels of service and leasing standards every time we take on a new project, so we save time and increase profits. We also know our flourishing target market in the
Boise, Idaho area incredibly well. All of these details are well-established facts and allow  us to help you be as successful as possible.


The experts at our subsidiaries act in the following areas

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My Vertical Equity is the subsidiary SRI uses to rasie monies, manage investors and pay out dividends as related to the purchase and sale of our investment properties.
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Phoenix Commercial Construction is the licensed real estate development firm owned by SRI that we utilize as commercial builders.
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EMS Property Management is the property management company that SRI operates to manage our commercial rental property before sale.
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Because of our passion for education, success and ultimately the well-being of our clients, Shannon Robnett Industries maintains an active social media presence to share the strategies that can bring abundance in every area of your financial future, not just your alternative real estate investments.

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The Treasure Valley is growing quickly.

Opportunities for ground up real estate development are abundant, and Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) is especially poised to help you become a part of a real estate syndication that can diversify and improve your gains with thoughtful tax sheltered solutions that create real estate income. When you’re ready for our experts to help you take control contact us!
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